Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Step Towards “Practicing Resurrection”

Over the past 10 years, The Simple Way Community has been trying to reclaim abandoned spaces and trash-strewn lots in their neighborhood. There are two lots on the 3200 block on Potter Street that have formerly been scars on their community as they accumulate trash, dead animals, needles from heroin use, broken glass… Just all around bad stuff. The Redevelopment Authority has agreed to donate the lots for $1 each (can’t beat the price), so they are excited to begin “practicing resurrection” there. Folks in the neighborhood are excited to begin gardening with neighbors and friends, and now have a financial gift that makes it possible to pay one of the young men in the neighborhood a living wage for gardening.

Check this out...

We need to do something like this in our neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tom! OK, so I was terrible about checking your blog. I'm a jerk. BUT, I have started a whole new blog (after abandoning my previous blog) and linked to yours. So, that means I will have more ready access to your blog. So write more stuff. And check out mine, ok?

Tom Batterson said...

OK so here we "grow." We are going to start gardening in the empty lot next to our church this spring!

God is Great!