Friday, October 13, 2006

Please read Being the body before responding to this post. These are not the only questions these chapters rase but I thought they would get the conversation started. Please feel free to answer any of them, or skip them all. And please add your own questions...

How has the misconception that the church is a buliding hurt us?

How can we help people, believers and missing people, turn this arround and view the church as the body of Christ?

How do you feel about the statement "Paradise is not achieved by anything we can do-Spiritually, politically, or otherwise- But by the gift of God."

What is your gut reaction to the fact that that nearly 50 Percent of highly commited evangelical Protestants agreed with the statement that many religions can lead to eternal Life?

How do feel about what the Barna polls that show 41 percent of church goers said their congregations did nothing over the prior twelve months to adress issues raised by the 9-11 attacks?

What is our responsibility here?

How has the reign of individualism effected the church? How has it effected your personal faith?

Why do we (North Americans) act more like consumers and less like commited Disciples ? What can we do about that?

What do you think of the prison story?