Monday, July 02, 2007

A terrable Paradox

So I took my kids to the neighborhood park today. It was filled with kids running, swinging, sliding, laughing, and playing.

The beautiful scene was broken when a marine helicopter flew over head. All of the climbing, swinging, sliding, laughing, and playing stopped. Some of the kids pointed, there were a few ohs and ahas, most just stared. One boy made machine gun sounds... And I was struck at the great and terrible ugliness of it.

Later in the day as we were leaving grandma and Grandpa's house we found their neighborhood had been converged upon by a dozen or More balloon crews. they laid out the hot air balloons in the front yards. The neighborhood kids gathered and laughed and played. They watched as these huge balloons filled and gently floated into the sky. Neighborhood children ran back and forth screaming with delight. No machine gun sounds this time. I was struck again by the peace and beauty of the whole scene.

Later upon reflection I felt God showing me a bigger picture... What we put on the horizon, the next generation sees. It's up to us to decide what kind of world we want to create. It's up to us what kind of world they will dream of. A world filled with beauty laughter and wonder... Or fear terror and war.

Another World is Possible.....


Unknown said...

A few comments about this. Kids have played war as far as history records. Just because it's probably more pervasive now doesn't mean that it is inherently wrong.

I agree the world would be better without war and if everyone lived together in harmony blowing dandelions and singing "Shiny Happy People Holding Hands." But that has never happened and it never will. As long as there are human beings alive on this planet, there will be war. And as long as there is war, we must be trained to defend ourselves and fight against those who seek to exterminate others. I believe that we should be more concerned with spreading the message of salvation and heavenly peace than we are about spreading world peace.

Tom Batterson said...

Wow... and you call your self a Christian?

First of all Children have not Always “Played War.” Take a look in Geneses... Violence doesn't even start right after the fall. No the fact is the first recorded violent act is Cain killing his brother. And God doesn't seem to happy about that. But then we still don't have any recorded mass violence, much less any children emulating it.
And the idea that as a Christian you think there will always be war... You must have not read much of the new testament ether. Jesus declares “The Kingdom of God is near” consistently throughout his ministry.
So if you believe God created the world with no war, and is upset when violenve rears its ulgy head. And his plan is to usher in his kingdom... How can you justify an attiude of “Well war is there and we are human so we should participate.”